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Snoring: Common Causes And When To See A Doctor

Find answers to commonly asked questions about snoring.

What causes snoring?

Snoring can be caused by several things such as the anatomy of the mouth, sinuses, alcohol consumption, allergies, your weight, a cold. When you go off to sleep and progress from a light to a deep sleep, the muscles that are in the roof of your mouth (soft palate), tongue and throat relax.

Snoring Facts – 

Snoring is a complaint among people irrespective of their age, but it often gets worse as you get older.

There can be various reasons for the development of snoring and determining the exact cause is essential to obtain proper treatment.

Approximately 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women snore. Men are less likely to snore after the age of 70. If you sleep on your back you maybe more likely to snore.  Men become less likely to snore after the age of 70. Sleeping on your back may also make snoring occur as your throat muscles relax from use of alcohol or other depressants.

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