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Depresion: Common Causes And When To See A Doctor

Find answers to commonly asked questions about depression.

What is Depression?

Many of us have used the phrase, “I’m so depressed!” at some point to express that you are feeling down. However a temporary feeling of being down or feeling “blue” is very different to real depression, which is  a mental illness. Depression is not the feeling sad, down or even dealing with grief, it is an overwhelming sense of despair. It is bleak and dark.


Depression is a treatable mental illness, however for a long time there has been a great deal of stigma attached to even admitting you might have depression. Due to negative attitudes towards mental health, a lot of cases of depression go untreated. For those that seek treatment, there is an excellent chance of recovery and generally people respond well to treatment.

Depression Facts – 

Depression is a mental illness. It negatively affects the way you feel, how you think, how you act and your ability to function in everyday life. If you have these feelings for more than 2 weeks, you should consult a doctor.


Frequently asked questions

Is depression genetic?

Depression is very well researched, but we don’t know that much about its origins. It is complicated. Research shows that there is a genetic link for those with depression. People with depression in their family do have an increased risk.

Is there anything you can to avoid the development of mental health issues?

There is little you can do to actually prevent mental health issues. However there are healthy measures you can take. Communicating about your feelings and not suppressing them, keeping active, eating well, not drinking too much alcohol, taking a break and asking for help when you need it, will certainly secure a much better chance of maintaining good mental health.

If it is untreated, it can last for weeks, months, or years. It can also go and come back. It can severely affect your ability to function in your everyday life. Those suffering from depression can also be at a much higher risk of substance abuse problems and suicide.

Depression can occur at any age however it most commonly begins in late adolescence or early adulthood.

There can be various reasons for the development of depression and determining the exact cause is essential to obtain proper treatment.