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Weight Loss: Common Causes And When To See A Doctor

Find answers to commonly asked questions about weight loss.

What is Weight Loss?

Many of us struggle with weight loss or weight management. There can be many reasons why it can be difficult. A healthy lifestyle with regular exercise are extremely important for weight control. Many natural weight supplements are also a great addition to help you possibly speed up the results of your weight loss.

Weight Loss Facts

Key facts about weight loss:

1. Weight is more than fat (focus on body fat)

2. Drop the wrong kind of calories, get enough of the right ones

3. Track your food intake

4. Sleep can actually help you lose weight

5.Make healthy food convenient (and junk food not)

6.You can't just keep cutting calories

7.Apple cider vinegar tastes gross but it works. Take the supplements instead.

8. A cheat day is a must (but not for the reason you’re thinking)

9. Meal prepping makes everything easier

10. Use HIIT (and strength training)

11. Drop the weekend drinks

12. Don’t blame it on your thyroid

13. More water, less Starbucks

14. It’s less what you’re consuming and more about over consuming

15. Everyone’s body is different

16. Make it a lifestyle

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